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tinyQuoteHi, I'm Christine and thank you for looking at my web site. If I can help you, give me a ring 07976156291.


Incredibly helpful, got my relationship back to where it should be.  It made me much more aware of myself and others and laid in place plans to stop the same happening again.  Andy, North Shields


Simply being able to talk to someone not connected with me in anyway, someone being objective and not trying to make me "pull myself together". Also lovely calm surroundings. I found that I could see things in a better perspective and that I can deal with issues more calmly and logically. I would just like to tahnk you for helping me to cope with my difficulties. I am feeling much calmer and positive now and enjoying being with my very delightful grandchildren. Kathryn Clarke



Realisation of being able to evaluate why things appeared to be causing stress & how to manage this. I am feeling a great deal better and feel this is a direct result of my sessions with you. Ian, South Shields



Realising whats important in my life. Killingworth



"In a matter of weeks I went from the verge of walking out on my marriage to feeling that the situation can be sorted out and more able to deal with it. Having someone outside of the family to talk to helped put different perspective on things and different ideas re coping strategies". Amanda, Seaton Delaval



The non-clinical environment was an aid to my own relaxation. Gaining a deeper understanding of my own learned patterns of behaviour and able to manage that behaviour so that it is not detrimental to my current experiences or relationships. Lisa, Washington



Christine recently supported a waiting list initiative within the NHS managed by Gedanken. She quickly became an integral part of a great professional team and significantly contributed to the overall success of the project. Christine is very professional, highly client centred and extremely caring in her approach. Her integrity is very evident and her clients rapidly warm to her personal style. David Cliff, Gedanken



Talking to someone helped with my anxiety and overcome some other personal issues. I've also got to know myself a little better. Newcastle



I have clarity, feel stronger and know how and when to let go. Thank you so much for your support, understanding and direction. Kirsty



Thank you for being there at a time when I thought I was going insane. You kept me safe and helped me work through my difficulties. Hexham



Having a different slant on problems enabled me to approach difficulties with coping stratagies rather than stress about them. I have found counselling very helpful, I feel calmer and more able to cope with life in general. I would have further sessions if I felt the need. Thanks for all your help - you have helpd me turn my life around. Brenda Webster



The flexible time for counselling was extremely helpful. Initially I was very anxious about attending but was made to feel at ease very quickly and I appreciated the professionalism and sensitive approach which resulted in helping me through my personal issues. I found the home environment very relaxing and welcoming. Thank you. S Ryan



The service was great, but the experience was painful to go through emotionally. I am glad you helped me rebalance. Kirsty Ritzman



I found it helpful to identify where my anger was coming from. Newcastle



It was extremely helpful to have someone detached from my personal circumstances to talk things through with. Sometimes having a supportive family is not enough or appropriate. Having a professional person guiding you is important. A Lazzari



What did you find helpful? The way in which you put me at ease from the outset. Lovely homely atmosphere - peaceful. I have benefited greatly from counselling and I am very glad I came. Whitley Bay



Your ready understanding of my situation and emotional state. I appreciated that the support you gave me was not 'time bound' and was available as long as I felt the need. Newcastle



Discussing my 'timeline'; understanding who I am I found extremely helpful. I'm more confident/content and steady. Thank you so much! It is has been an invaluable experience. K Anderson



The opportunity to process parts of my recent past v present and the understanding of "processing" - could only do that with the help of counselling. Someone to listen not lecture. It is learning about taking control of my life and letting go of control of other people and situations. Thank you, your service has helped me so much and knowing I can come back in the future is very reassuring. M Stuart



I found it very easy to talk to you. Nice to be normal again! Thank you very much. J Twist



Thank you very much indeed this has been a time in my life I will not forget, with your help I feel much better. V Hyde, North Shields



Being able to talk openly and honestly without being judged. Flexibility when making appointments. Successful in terms of making the relationship work. A & L Tindall




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