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Life Changes

CHANGE – "The act of becoming different",  Oxford Dictionary

If there is one certain thing in life it is change. Change is constant and there is no escape from change or the stress that goes with it. Some people embrace change and thrive and grow through change however, other people struggle with change and find it hard to cope.

Change affects each and every one of us. Resistance is futile as this creates sleepless nights, stress, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, or perhaps more serious physical symptoms such as ulcers.

What eludes some is the fact that you are in control. It is you who can decide what you want to put your energies into. You have choices! You can decide not to change and fight it every step of the way like banging you head off the wall of inevitability or you can embrace change and grow with it and move forward.

butterflyLife changes such as work, relationships, bereavement, loss, growing older affects all of us; sometimes we can handle these on our own but sometimes we need a little help. Dragging your feet, having a 'have to' attitude, doing only what is necessary; are all common responses to change. When life changes happen and you stop caring, lose your zest for life stress happens.

Letting go of what is not working anymore allows you to focus on what is working.

If we accept change we are being open to new strategies and possibilities.

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