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Talking Your Way through a Life Crisis

You can’t make your way through life without having to suffer some sort of loss, or periods of time where events can conspire to make it difficult for you to get through the day.  Everyone has different thresholds of pain, and while some can solider on through those periods, there are far more who are unable to do so without some level of help.  Many folks rely on family to help them through a bad patch, but if that sadness is caused by the loss of a loved one, then it’s very likely that your support group may be suffering from the exact same feelings of loss and bereavement, making it difficult for them to be the rock that you need.

Situations like the death of a family member, although tough on everyone, make it easy for you to pinpoint where your grief and feeling low comes from, but what about those days where everything in your life seems to be going well, yet you still suffer from regular bouts of anxiety, as well as feelings of total hopelessness and being unable to cope with the minutiae of your daily schedule.  That could very well be a sign of depression, yet many people fail to be diagnosed, usually because the symptoms that they display bear little resemblance to the picture of depression that is regularly painted in popular culture.

DepressedWhatever the case may be, whether it’s the pain of loss, or the feeling that something just isn’t right in your heart and mind, it can really help to talk to a qualified professional who can help get you through your pain.  A bad situation can become increasingly worse when you allow feeling to remain unspoken, and in the case of depression, those negative thoughts and feelings can very quickly spiral downward if left unspoken and unattended.  Unlike other illnesses, depression may not present its symptoms to anyone but those who know you best, and even then it may be too late.

Many people still look at talking to a counselor as an act of weakness, or an admission that something is wrong with them, but that is simply not the case.  No-one knows us better than we know ourselves, but we often get caught up in hiding our emotions and putting on a face for those around us.  That is a practice that never works, and you can’t get on the road to feeling better, both emotionally and physically, if you don’t take the time to let someone help you get behind the wheel.

Speaking to a counselor will just feel like having a regular conversation, but he or she will quickly recognize where your problems are stemming from by carefully listening to what you say, and naturally guiding the conversation to an area that will bring you to that same level of awareness.  Once you get to the heart of your problems, you can begin to let them go and move on, so don’t let pride get in the way of your health;  talk to a counselor today.

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